Dear Colleagues

Our revised program will begin in the Fall of 2017 which is not all that far away, at least from a planning point of view. Students have all been receiving emails about the changes and likely some questions about the new program have come your way. And it is also the time of year when Honours students are contacting jpotential supervisors.  So I thought it would be helpful to have the following information for advising students and taking on an Honours student. This information was also presented at the last Department meeting so if you were at the meeting this is just a recap of what I said.

Who Does the New Program Apply to?

1. New students who enter our Psychology undergrad program in Fall 2017 will follow ‘new’ program

2. Students currently enrolled in Psychology will follow “old” program requirements

Status of PSYC4170 and PSYC4000

1. PSYC 4170 and PSYC 4000 (current honours thesis course) will be retired at the end of 2018-2019

2. Students who want to do an Honours thesis can take PSYC 4000 for two more years

3. Starting in Fall of 2019 Honours students will take 4180 (Critical Thinking in Psychology) as their capstone course

4. Starting in Fall 2019 Thesis students will be in the Specialized Honours Program

Honours Thesis Students

1. 2017-18  and 2018-2019
Accept as you always have, ie 4000.
They need current prerequisites to be eligible

2. 2019-20 Onwards:
Individual thesis students must be in the Specialized Honours Program

Specialized Honours Program

1. By 2019 all thesis students will be in this program. So the program will expand to accommodate this number

2. This spring we are accepting as in past years

3. Starting 2018 will be accepted with new program requirements

I hope this information is helpful. I am attaching the content of two emails which we have sent to students about the new program and which might be useful if students ask you questions. Please feel free to contact Jenn Steele or myself if you have any questions


Jennifer Connolly