Textbooks,Moodle,websites & Course kits

It is important to note that books from previous semesters are not retained without the bookstore being notified.

Textbook orders can be sent to the bookstore buyers in person, via phone, email or through the online ordering system accessed through the Faculty & Staff link available on the York University Bookstore website. For an online ordering password, faculty and staff should email orders@yorku.ca.

Keele campus textbook buyers: Five buyers are located at York University Bookstore. Alan Madsen can be contacted at ext. 40730 or amadsen@yorku.ca. Pat Armour can be reached at ext. 20945 or parmour@yorku.ca. Frank Ennis can be contacted at ext 40747 or fennis@yorku.ca. Gerard Stocker can be reached at ext 20047 or gstocker@yorku.ca. Terry Khemrajsingh (responsible for course kit orders) can be contacted at ext. 40702 or terryk@yorku.ca.

Glendon campus textbook buyer: Gerard Stocker is located at the Keele campus Bookstore and occasionally at the Glendon campus bookstore on the lower level of York Hall. He can be contacted at ext 20047 or gstocker@yorku.ca.

Course kits: To develop customized course kits, visit the Copyright Clearance Centre located at 043 Central Square. (Come to Printing Services upstairs in room 159 Central Square to be directed to the offices in the basement). For general information on course kits, phone ext. 22960, or email ckits@yorku.ca.


York’s copyright website.

Contact copyright office; copy@yorku.ca

Copyright Support Office:

Location: eServices, Suite 2120 Victor Philip Dahdaleh Building (DB)
Email: copy@yorku.ca
Hours of Operation: Monday to Friday 8:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m (summer Fridays)
Phone: (416) 736-2100 ext 22805 or 22698

The eServices Office (LA&PS) is pleased to promote the services of York’s Copyright Support Office. Our Copyright Support Specialists provide Copyright services to ALL faculty members at York University.

  • review course materials to be distributed on your password protected LMS (Moodle);
  • create permanent links to e-resources that are available through York University Libraries’ subscriptions;
  • scan short excerpts from books and journals as permitted under York’s Fair Dealing Guidelines;
  • when necessary, liaise with content rights holders to secure permissions for use in York University courses; and assist with general copyright questions and concerns.
    Copyright Services clear copyright for course materials which can only be presented in two ways, distributing in class as a handout or on a course website / course management system (i.e. Moodle).
    If you are interested in setting up a Moodle site for your course, please send an email to esohelp@yorku.ca. Once, a course Moodle site has been set up and you've received an copyright approval report from our office, you may then upload PDF copy or URL links (depending on the permission of each of the materials) onto your password protected Moodle site. Where students enrolled in your course will be able to access the course contents using password York account.Once we receive your syllabus, we will assign a reference number and send you a confirmation email.
    Review of copyright will take roughly 8-12 business days as of now.The following information is required when submitting your course request:

    1) Course outline (a list of bibliographic information);

    2) The course code and full name of the requested course;

    3) The format in which the requested materials will be made available to students (e.g. handout, Moodle site, etc.)

    4) The semester in which your course will run, and whether it is a full-year course; and

    5) The expected enrolment.

    In addition,

    ·        If necessary, we may be able to retrieve the books from York library and create PDF of the required article for you.

    ·        If there are any royalty cost associated with any of the materials, we will negotiate with the rights holder and may absorb the cost for one term.
    ·        We will contact you immediately if any copyright issues arise for any of the materials.
    ·        Our department also offer training sessions on copyright and Moodle. If you are interested in attending one or both of the sessions, please email - esohelp@yorku.ca.

    We do not clear copyright for printed course pack.

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