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1.    Tennis Canada (Aviva) Instructions 2017
2.    Tait McKenzie Fieldhouse Instructions
3.    Exam Instructions

Deferred Exam - Room  Sign-Up
* Should Course Directors require a space to hold deferred exams, then they may utilize the lecture room we have reserved on June 21, 22, 23, 24, 2017 by clicking here
* Should you require a room for a deferred exam outside of these dates, please use the Room Requests form.
* Course Directors are responsible for overseeing these exams - the PSYC Undergraduate Office is simply providing a space to hold them and will not be invigilating these exams.

* When required and requested, extra invigilators may be provided to the Course Directors.


Sumer 2017 -  Senate and Faculty of Health Policies on Final Exams

  • If your course is scheduled in the evening then you must hold an evening exam.  Please indicate this in the 'Special Request' section of the form.
  • No examinations or tests collectively worth more than 20% of the final grade in a course will be given during the final 14 calendar days of classes in a term. The exceptions to the rule are classes which regularly meet Friday evenings or on Saturday and/or Sunday at any time, and courses offered in the compressed summer terms.
  • Dean's Office must approve any special exam requests which involve scheduling accommodations for religious reasons, child-care, elder care, medical reasons or attendance at conferences.  Also, if the course requires a certain time slot ie: class is scheduled during the evenings, requires an exam scheduled during the evening, this will need to be submitted as a special exam request.


Important dates for S1, S2 and SU Terms

Grades Due for Courses with no Exams S1
June 26, 2017
Grades Due for Courses with Exams & Gam closes S1 June 26, 2017
(June 23, 2017 was the earlier date).
Canada Day July 3, 2017 (July 1, 2017)
Last Day to Drop SU term courses without receiving a grade July 7, 2017
Last Day to Drop S2 term courses without receiving a grade July 21, 2017
Study Day SU July 25-28, 2017 (T-F); July 30, 2017 (Sun); August 1, 2017 (T)
Last Day to Withdraw from a SU term course and receive a “W” on the transcript: Course Withdrawal Period_July 8-31, 2017) July 31, 2017
Last Day to Withdraw from a S2 term course and receive a “W” on the transcript: Course Withdrawal Period_July 22-31, 2017) July 31, 2017
Last Day of Class S2, SU
& Grades Released on Web &Transcript (exclude averages & decisions)
July 31, 2017
Start A&D (not released on web and transcript) July 31, 2017
Grades Access Module opens S2, SU August 1, 2017
Study Day S2 August 1, 2017
Update Repeated courses (NCR) August 1-4 (T-F); August 8, 2017 (T)
Civic Holiday August 7, 2017
Last day of Exams S2, SU (Exam Period: August 2-11, 2017) August 11, 2017
Grades Due for Courses with no Exams S2, SU August 15, 2017
Grades Due for Courses with Exams & Gam closes S2, SU August 18, 2017
Degree Audit Reconciliation (3-4 days after GAM closes) August 21-23, 2017
Blank Grade Converted to NGR August 23, 2017
Final A&D and running of Events August 23, 2017
Grades Released on Web &Transcript with averages & decisions August 24, 2017
Deferred (due date) S1 September 1, 2017
Labor Day September 4, 2017
Blank Grade Converted to F NGR September 15, 2017
Final deadline for student grade reappraisal requests September 30, 2017 revised to October 2, 2017
Deferred (due date) S2 & SU October 1, 2017 revised to October 2, 2017
Thanksgiving (Canada) October 9, 2017
CONVERT TO F all GS courses with a blank grade or qualifier  (FGS Regulation 36).  Exclude all 0 credit courses and Major Research Papers. October 15, 2017 revised to October 16, 2017
Convocation October 18-20, 2017


To post your grades via GAM you will need to use your Passport York Account to login:

In addition to posting your grades online, you must submit the following to the PSYC Undergraduate Office via ELECTRONIC FORMAT to Vanessa and Jen Malisan

1.        PSYC Final Grades Profile Review (Electronic Format, Fillable Word Document Attached)
2.        Grade Distribution and Anomaly Rationale Form (Electronic Format, Fillable PDF Attached. Please ensure you enter ‘J. Connolly’ in the ‘Signatory’s Name’ box.)
3.        Final Grades Breakdown (Excel/Word/PDF Format.  Assistance in creating a gradebook


  • Student grades will be made available to students as soon as you click submit!  You can change student grades in the GAM system until the closing date.  
  • If you are still awaiting a few students that have received extensions for course work or deferred exams, it is recommended that you input the grades for the rest of the course immediately.
  • If GAM is closed by the time students who have course work extensions and deferred exams are completed, please follow the procedure for submitting grade changes to the PSYC Undergraduate Office.  



If you have grade changes for students outside of the GAM dates.